Events & Updates
July 2020
Opening of new Strategic Program Office at I2C in Huntsville, Al
March 2020

Leased new office at I2C in Huntsville, Al
November 2019
Joint venture with Paasch Business Group 

Fighter Link Solutions International

A veteran-owned small business serving the defense aviation aftermarket, with headquarters in Opa-Locka, FL, and a Strategic Program Office in Huntsville, AL.  The core of our business is our 'Innovative Fleet Sustainment Program’ using our Collective Alliance Capabilities ("CAC™") methodology. Born from a Customer Service environment, Fighter Link Solutions International believes "everything begins and ends with the customer”. Using our global network of aviation professionals, we actively link potential customers with the right supplier through our Alliance Partnerships. This creates the base foundation of our Fleet Sustainment Program. Our goal is to ensure customers have ready-spares on the shelf to meet operational requirements.