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About Fighter Link (FLSI)

Fighter Link Solutions International is a veteran-owned small business serving the defense aviation aftermarket, with headquarters in Opa-Locka, Florida, and a Strategic Program Office in Huntsville, Alabama. Born from a customer service environment, we believe that “everything begins and ends with the customer.”

Our innovation, global network, and experience gives us an unmatched position to support domestic and international customers in the legacy aviation industry and beyond. We strive for high quality ready spares in the right place, at the right time, for the right price.

Our Values

FLSI leadership cultivates an environment of creativity, teamwork, and continued learning in order to provide solutions that increase our customers’ measurable benefits. The FLSI fleet sustainment and maintenance programs, training development capabilities, and advanced logistical solutions are built on paradigm-shifting technology, integrity, knowledgeable team members, and an extensive network of professionals and suppliers. We deeply value our team, clients, forward thinking, and building partnerships across industries.

Mission: Less Paper, More Planes

We want our mission to be easily understood by everyone who meets or works with us. Not just the United States, governments are known to be fraught with logistical problems. It’s the very reason that the government contracting industry exists. They need our help. Rather than gaming a system and become a part of the problem, we will be a part of a sustainable solution. All efforts within our company are evaluated on the two criteria of our mission. Less Paper doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t do paperwork. It’s a more encompassing mantra of reducing steps, waste, and cost for our customers. More Planes is a simple way to say that when we improve processes, our customers can do what is most important- fix, test, fly and run their missions.

Why “Fighter Link” as a name?

The word Fighter is near and dear to our hearts and mission. We sit behind desks and support a critical infrastructure, the maintained defense of the defenseless. The true heroes are the men and women who fly, and unfortunately have to fight, in the fleets we support. The last thing they need is to be held up by logistical, technical, or mechanic problems outside of their control. We are the LINK. We make sure that our customers and their assets are linked in the most efficient manner we can provide.