The FLSI Solution: Automated Technical Data Library

FLSI addresses the weaknesses of outdated technical libraries by combining library contents into one interactive data pool. This is achieved by converting different documents into a common standard. This enables individual library components to be directly accessible through a customized table of contents that organizes the entire library.  

Data is compiled to create one single, easy-to-access pool of documents in a Common Source Database (CSDB). The service used to create the automated library provides the digital tools to maintain, upgrade, and sustain the library content. This system provides fast and accurate access to ALL information in support of a client’s operations. Targeted information searches can be performed by:
  • Searching only one specific manual or document
  • Searching across a defined group of manuals or documents
  • Searching across the entire library

FLSI uses a client’s existing content, such as:

  • Manuals
  • Drawings and schematics
  • Product sheets
  • General publications
In addition, FLSI applies a Lucene Index, allowing users to search across all documents with one search query. Results are displayed as a list of all documents containing the search criteria. Complete search phrases, including the use of “wild cards, are possible.
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