FLSI Rapid Sustainment Program is driven by Collective Alliance Capability™

Developed by industry experts,  the Collective Alliance Capability™ (CAC™) methodology couples a unique understanding of foreign military sales and cutting-edge processes and software. This innovative approach fuels a sustainment program that provides operators a resource that integrates technology, innovation, alliance partnerships, and measurable value.

The key objective of the CAC™ Rapid Sustainment Program is to match operator requirements with our core products, capabilities, and services. Its scalability allows clients to choose one or more components that support operational and mission requirements.  

To learn more about eliminating long-lead-time repairs and to ensure ready spares are on the shelf to meet your operational requirements, contact FLSI today.

This decisive approach provides clients with:

  • Predictive and known cost
  • In-stock spares and Ready For Install (RFI) rotables
  • Reduced Turn-Around Time (TAT) on repairs and overhauls
  • Configuration Control
  • Obsolescence Solutions

Based on program demand, FLSI technology,  and alliance partner capabilities services include:

  • Parts repair, modification, and upgrade
  • OEM licensed service centers
  • USAF approved service centers
  • Reverse engineering services
  • Parts reclamation & cannibalization services
  • FAA/EASA licensed repair stations
  • Provisioning capabilities
  • OEM and Distribution Alliance Partners
  • OEM licensed manufacturers
  • Government-approved manufacturers
  • Technology upgrade for legacy equipment
  • Parts manufacturing
  • Maintenance management
  • Supply chain management
  • Platform data management

To learn more, contact our program team: