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FLSI embraces the changing world through the art of listening, modeling and implementing solutions to meet the requirements of our industry. 

Fleet Sustainment Program

Fighter Link Solutions International has developed an Innovative Fleet Sustainment Program based on our proprietary Collective Alliance Capability ("CAC™") methodology. The foundation is based on program demand and  our core capabilities.

This decisive approach assures program customers benefit from:

  • Availability of spares and Ready For Install (RFI) rotables
  • Minimal Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • Predictable and known cost
  • Program Pricing – below market
Our team uses advanced interactive tools coupled with our proven strategies. This gives us an unmatched advantage in the saturated aviation aftermarket segment.

  • To learn more, contact our program team to discuss how our Fleet Sustainment Program will eliminate long-lead time repairs, and ensure ready spares are on the shelf to meet operational requirements.

Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM)

Fighter Link Solutions International (FLSI) offers industry-leading Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals ("IETM") based on the Parts-Publisher™ ("PP")

Software to its customers. The system’s modular design allows for easy expansions and upgrades.

Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPB) System Highlights

  • Ideal Solution for Legacy Systems (PDF or Hardcopy as Source Data)
  • A/C Serial # specific Content
  • Increased Data Accuracy
  • Automatic Parts Ordering Process
  • Platform independent
  • Option for Continuous and Automatic Content Updates
  • Option to integrate with existing Enterprise Resource Planning ("ERP") Systems
System Functionality
Maintaining all relevant parts data in a ‘Common Source Database’ results in the capability to produce customized Part Breakdowns in either Print- or
interactive electronic format. Part orders can be initiated through easy point and click actions without the need for retyping any information necessary for the order creation.  This will dramatically increase data accuracy and provide time savings. The available ‘Note Function’ allows the user to attach custom notes to every part number in the catalog, and provides the notes immediately to all users on the same network. The individual notes can be enhanced through the inclusion of descriptive PDF-files, photos and/or short movie clips. The notes will be stored in a separate module and will maintain their link to the part number for which they were created. The links will stay intact during system updates.

System Options

Due to the open system architecture, it is possible to seamlessly integrate the interactive IPB solution with existing ERP-systems. The interactive IPBs are capable to run on any operating system, including tablets and mobile devices. In addition to the information contained in standard IPBs, it is possible to customize the displayed data through the inclusion of additional data fields for price, parts availability and other information.

Additional System Benefits

The modular design of the database structure supports quick content updates – frequent and irregular if needed. The result is the elimination of outdated manuals, missing or incomplete revisions, which will assure that the whole organization only uses the most up to date and approved documentation.  Through active links between item numbers on illustrations and corresponding part listings, it is possible to immediately display the desired information. If the same P/N appears on multiple illustrations, the appropriate connections will be established immediately.  This feature applies not only to connections across multiple manuals for the same aircraft, but also to the connections that span across different aircraft types and systems. This capability is to instantly gain access to desired information with ease and to use this information with absolute accuracy.  This is the perfect pre-requisite to realize a fast return on investment.

IETM Production Model

IETM Development Process 2jpg

To learn more, contact our program team