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FLSI embraces the changing world through the art of listening, modeling and implementing solutions to meet the requirements of our industry. 

Fleet Sustainment Program

Fighter Link Solutions International has developed an Innovative Fleet Sustainment Program based on our proprietary Collective Alliance Capability ("CAC™") methodology. The foundation is based on program demand and  our core capabilities.

This decisive approach assures program customers benefit from:

  • Availability of spares and Ready For Install (RFI) rotables
  • Minimal Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • Predictable and known cost
  • Program Pricing – below market
Our team uses advanced interactive tools coupled with our proven strategies. This gives us an unmatched advantage in the saturated aviation aftermarket segment.

  • To learn more, contact our program team to discuss how our Fleet Sustainment Program will eliminate long-lead time repairs, and ensure ready spares are on the shelf to meet operational requirements.

To learn more, contact our program team