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IETM Development

 Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM)

FLSI and Quanos Service Solutions (QSS) have executed an Authorized Partnership agreement. Under this agreement, FLSI is authorized to develop, produce, and distribute advanced logistics solutions — including Quanos’ customized software solutions — to provide customers with more independent support capabilities.  

Quanos’ software Parts Publisher is a unique software for after-sales, service and technical documentation. The software enables FLSI to boost any organization’s preexisting capacity, capability, and supply chain systems. The software gives employees, customers, and distributors a 360-degree service view of technical products and services in real time. 

Fighter Link Solutions International selected the software suite as the technology to power our Innovative Fleet Sustainment Program. As an internal user of this advanced software, FLSI has identified and structured a family of immediately available services that, though tailored to the Aviation Aftermarket Sustainment Arena, is also applicable in any other industry. As both a user and authorized partner of QSS, our clients have the choice to purchase either the FLSI services (powered by Quanos Software) or the Quanos Software solutions outright. 

IETM Services: Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPB)

Interactive IPBs can reference existing legacy manuals in a hard copy or PDF format, or they can be generated directly from existing CAD and/or ERP systems. The IPB will store relevant data in ONE central database system — the Common Source Data Base (CSDB). All IPB items shown in IPB illustrations will be linked to the corresponding information in the associated Parts List through our Hotspot Technology.

In addition to the information contained in a standard IPB, it is possible to customize the displayed Parts Lists with additional data columns, including price, parts availability, or other client-specific information.

IPB & Maintenance Instruction Manual (MIM) Integration

All items listed in the IPB can be linked to the corresponding Maintenance Instruction Manual (MIM) and vice versa. Parts Publisher uses the available, original Technical Documentation (MIM) in PDF format and applies proprietary procedures to establish the appropriate links to the corresponding IPB.

The PDF-typical layout and functionality remains unaltered, and all connections to the IPB are identified by a colored underline, while the Part Numbers in the IPB connected to the Maintenance Instruction Manual (MIM) are represented by a ‘book’ icon.  If a Part Number refers to multiple target locations in the MIM, a selection menu with the different destinations in the MIM is displayed. Any additional user-specific information (Service Bulletins, Engineering Notes, etc.) can be published and linked to the appropriate IPB and/or MIM section.

Additional System Benefits

The modular design of the database structure supports quick content updates — frequent and irregular if necessary. The result is the elimination of outdated manuals with missing or incomplete revisions. This guarantees that only the approved and latest documentation releases are in use.    

Active links between item numbers on illustrations and the corresponding parts catalog allow immediately displayed information. If the same P/N appears on multiple illustrations, manuals, or libraries, the appropriate connections will be established. Not only does this feature apply to connections across multiple manuals for the same aircraft, but it also applies to connections that span across different aircraft types and systems.  The ability to have instant access to required information and later use this information efficiently and with accuracy for further processing purposes will benefit every organization.

Less Paper

– Digitized documentation is NOW, not the future

– Errors, problems, updates, revisions are all faster when they aren’t physical

More Planes

– Improve day-to-day fleet operations

– Streamline all hangar and office processes for efficiency