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Source Approval Requests

The first obstacle any business must overcome is underestimating the number of resources and level of corporate commitment that is required to consistently win and manage military contracts. The best and most successful approach to obtaining source approval is to treat it as a project or contract. With a staff of subject matter experts, FLSI is the solution provider your company needs to win and execute long term Government contracts.

A Source Approval Request (SAR) is a proposal to the Government, listing a company’s capabilities, resources and capacity to repair or manufacture an item that is equal to or better than the OEM.

SAR’s afford companies the ability to bid on contract opportunities for Critical Application Items (CAI) & Critical Safety Items (CSI).

Each branch of service must approve companies based on their specific priority, requirements and application.

Fighter Link Solutions International (FLSI) has a decade of experience developing SAR packages for all branches of the Armed Forces.

We have dedicated and experienced resources to develop, implement and expand Government business on behalf of your organization.

FLSI can:

  • Generate travelers (M&O plans)
  • Create tools and templates for proposal development
  • Securely maintain required documents, such as Corporate Overviews, Quality Plans, Certifications, Subject/Similar Past Performance, Approved Sub-Vendor Lists, Test Equipment Listings and KPI’s; and notify clients when static documents require updating

FighterLink offers the management and development of Source Approval Requests to qualified clients (companies with licensing, facilities, and quality certification.) 

This is a qualification process that the government utilizes to qualify sources of supply or repair. Government source approval can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it is essential for companies seeking to do business with the government. 

Government Source Approval is fast becoming a necessary accreditation for most aircraft components. Every part on an aircraft should be manufactured and maintained with the highest level of engineering and accuracy. When you truly believe in something, you support that effort, which is why FLSI has taken great strides to provide Source Approval Development Services to the aftermarket aviation industry.

FLSI has developed tools, procedures and training that educate customers on the complicated SARs process. We offer training programs that result in the client’s ability to produce this documentation process internally.

Therefore, the SARs process and our associated training requires a commitment from the client to provide the data to develop packages. 

Many products within this system fall under the safety categories of CSI or CAI. Additional documentation to comply with government requirements will be necessary.

Less Paper

– Get it right the first time

– Create a system that optimizes your time and effort

More Planes

– Speed up Sources for the Government

– Proper Documentation helps you get your customers off the runway